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Utah law students engage in simulations to understand counterterrorism strategies



Salt Lake City, Utah – Through special simulator software, University of Utah law students will learn real-world lessons in dealing with counterterrorism over the course of the next two days.

“They are confronted with domestic terrorism scenarios, international scenarios, crossover scenarios, addressing a wide range of issues,” explained Professor Amos Guiora, S.J. Quinney College of Law, University of Utah. “Obviously, when we put together the simulation and create a scenario, we also look at what’s happening in the world.”

Having spent 17 of those years at the University of Utah, Guiora has been a teacher for thirty years.

Being a dual citizen of the United States and Israel, he frequently travels to his residence in Jerusalem.

His extensive background includes three years as a legal counselor on the Gaza Strip and twenty years of duty with the Israeli military forces. In addition, he has published and spoken on counterterrorism and targeted murders.

Under Guiora’s direction, the law school’s “Global Perspectives on Counterterrorism” course puts students in decision-making roles to negotiate predetermined scenarios while simulating fictional yet real-life terrorist incidents.

“I think it also shows not only the complexity but the nuance required to make decision-making,” Guiora reflected. “The dilemmas of the crossover between domestic and international terrorism, which frankly confronts all of us on a daily basis.”

Every year, instructors and students lead this unique course.

“I think it also highlights the importance of the rule of law and the challenges to the rule of law and how you balance the rule of law with operational decision-making,” Guiroa said.

A congressional panel is another feature of the simulator in which U.S. attorneys and graduates donate their time to participate.

After the next two days, the law students will be better prepared to handle moral, legal, and practical issues when they arise.

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