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Timika Reilly
Timika is a senior editor at MDMH West Valley. She enjoys writing about local news, national news, politics, education policy and crime and safety. Her work has also appeared in The New York Times, The Daily Beast, U.S. News & World Report, The Orange County Register, and The Detroit News.

Tia Langley
Tia Langley is an associate editor at MDMH West Valley. Tia worked in public relations before moving into journalism. She has since written for a number of news outlets, including NY Post, New York Daily News, Best Life and many more.

Charla Derr
Part-time writer
Charla is a Utah Valley University student studying Public Relations and Strategic Communication. She is a part-time writer for MDMH West Valley putting a lot of effort into delivering valuable content. She is part of the team for more than a year.

Mathilda Gatewood
This is Mathilda, the fastest ‘keyboard-typer’ we have ever seen. Mathilda is fully dedicated in writing the local news, but also writing opinions over the current political issues. She is a beach lover and a passionate adventurer.