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A large number of people start running in the Salt Lake City Marathon



Salt Lake City, Utah – People were taking part in the city’s marathon on these early morning streets in Salt Lake City. For a variety of reasons, people took to the streets, but they all came to celebrate their passion for running.

“It was amazing, it was a blast, new course, super fun,” said Sam, who finished the 10k in a wheelchair.

Hundreds of people rode bikes and participated in half marathons, full marathons, 10Ks, and 5Ks across Salt Lake City. Watchers cheered from the sidelines as the marathon began at the University of Utah and completed by Washington Square in downtown.

“Just exciting,” added Sam. “I think everyone’s just trying to cheer each other on – whether you’re doing the 5k, 10k, wheelchair, walking, running, everyone’s so nice, so fun.”

And some runners were the ones cheering others on too! Liz Ashby held up a sign that read, ‘I believe in you.’

“So my friend, Chris, he runs with this sign and he’s not able to be here today, so I’m doing it for him,” said Ashby. “My arms are tired, I’m so impressed by him, but to see smiles on other people being touched, that was inspiring to me.”

Thomas and his family wear matching t-shirts and run for a loved one. “My uncle, Rich, passed away and our family runs in honor of him.”

Hoping more people to get out and experience this infectious energy. “Just don’t take yourself too hard, don’t be too critical, just move, run. Only 2 percent of the world are runners, so if you’re running, you’ve already won,” added Sam.

“It’s just so fun, it’s like a giant party,” added Ashby.


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