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The nation’s “Best Main Street” competition includes Ogden



Ogden, Utah – It’s possible that Historic 25th Street will emerge victorious as “Best Main Street in America.”

Ogden is presently in third position in the USA Today contest, and there is little over a week remaining to vote.

Residents stated on Saturday that they think it will help make Ogden more well-known.

“25th street is the heart of Ogden,” said Rick Proffer, the owner of O-town Food Tours. “It represents everything that the railroad represents, and the railroad made Ogden what it is today.”

“It is something that is completely unique to Utah,” added Taylor Hartman with Visit Ogden. “There’s nothing like this anywhere else in the state, in our opinion, and it should be celebrated.”

This place has everything to offer everyone.

“Love the amphitheater, love the concerts, there’s great restaurants, events… summer events, farmers market,” said Matthew Starley, who grew up in Ogden.

“The food scene in Ogden is legitimate. It can go toe-to-toe with any other town in the state,” Proffer added.

“Good places to shop,” Karen Crumley added. “I’m an antiquer, so love the antiques, and don’t miss the knit shop!”

Awarded in the USA Today Readers’ Choice Travel Awards for 2024 is Historic 25th Street.
Even though the region has seen several changes, decades’ worth of history is still deeply ingrained.

“If you look up and look around, you’ll see all these easter eggs and these trail of breadcrumbs of the past,” Proffer said. “It’s retained its historic character, which is really remarkable because as the railroads declined after World War II, this became a no-go kind of zone — until about 20-25 years ago when the city and local businesses and law enforcement … started investing in it.”

“25th Street is a huge component of what it means to be an Ogdenite,” Starley added. “Kind of the wild history in the past is definitely a part of our ethos and character, and then sort of its evolving narrative is a great allegory for Ogden itself.”

For entrepreneurs such as Angel Guzman, the magic happens on 25th Street.

“Ever since I was little, I was coming to 25th Street and imagining having a shop,” said Guzman, who owns a clothing store called Reborn Vintage. “I would never have thought so. It’s been like a dream come true, and it’s just barely starting.”

“It’s a huge asset to our community and it’s just super exciting to even be recognized like this,” Hartman said.

To help Ogden win, you have until April 8 to cast your vote.

“If 25th Street was voted as one of the best main streets in the USA, it would be validation of what the locals know, which is this place is unique and amazing,” Proffer said.


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