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Using a deck of cards, a Utah man hopes to overcome his fear of flying



Salt Lake City, Utah – Although Brian Morris found the idea of flying thrilling when he was younger, his first airplane experience caused years of trauma.

“There was turbulence, it was terrifying, I didn’t know what was going on,” he reflected.

That one incident set off a lifetime of extreme fear related to flying.

He vowed then and there to his parents that he would never board an aircraft again. Rather, for years, his ingrained phobia of flying intensified.

Morris isn’t alone in his fears. Nearly 40% of people experience anxiety over flying, a condition termed “aviophobia.”

Originally from England, Captain Emma Henderson has been a pilot for more than 30 years and is currently located in Scotland.

She said that most people’s worries stem from the idea that even the smallest wobble could feel disastrous, and she actively mentors those who are afraid to board airplanes.

Morris was connected to Captain Henderson through a support group called “Love Fly”.

Morris was trying to travel, so the introduction was just in time. He clarified that in one day, he boarded the aircraft three times and asked to get off.

Henderson explained everything to Morris and gave him some aviation knowledge. Their chats helped to allay his anxieties.

“Everything that I learned on the internet and everything I learned from Captain Emma I would write it down on these three-by-five cards,” he said.

Morris has taken 12 trips in the past two years after overcoming his flight anxiety thanks to those index cards.

He built a product using his newly acquired knowledge and his experience conquering obstacles.

A deck of cards the size of a deck, “Flight Deck 365” contains affirmations, travel advice, and aviation expertise to assist travelers get over their worries. There are 56 cards in all.

Henderson contributed technical know-how, while Morris produced the deck’s emotive aspect.

Morris has seen the world in a completely new way because to the deck.

“I honestly hope that every person out there that has a fear of flying can get on a plane and fly somewhere the way I am now.”.


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