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Speed limit lowered to 20 mph in Salt Lake City neighborhoods



Salt Lake City, Utah – Speed limit signs in Salt Lake City are going from 25 miles per hour to 20 miles per hour on all local streets.

This decision to lower the speed limit comes after deadly auto-pedestrian crashes.

City leaders and law enforcement believe what may appear to be a slight change will make a big difference and save lives. “What we need in order for it to work is for drivers to treat that 70% of Salt Lake City streets like their own home street,” said Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall.

A 20-mile-per-hour sign was put up near Parkview Elementary School on Wednesday.

According to Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown, the change is a good thing. “It’ll save lives,” he said.

They will take this time to educate people about the change, Brown said. “As we educate and come together as a community, we’ll have an impact on the safety on our streets.”

The change affects more than 400 miles of city-owned roadways and about 70% of city streets.

The movement to lower the speed limit on residential streets, called 20 is Plenty, goes back to a grassroots safety advocacy group called Sweet Streets. “Over the next couple weeks, Salt Lake City workers will be switching out 575 25-mile-per-hour signs to 20-mile-per-hour signs,” Mendenhall said.

According to Brown, even if a person goes at a slow speed, a crash can have tragic consequences.

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