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Good news for Utah’s COVID status



Salt Lake City, Utah — There is good news in the state’s wastewater, despite the number of COVID-19 cases nearly doubling in Utah in just one week.

On Thursday, The Utah Department of Health reported 3,226 new cases, up from 1,695 a week earlier.

In addition, the department also announced an additional 13 deaths in the state, which increases Utah’s total to 4,760 deaths.

Hospitalizations, at 88, remained nearly level from a week ago.

The rolling 7-day average of positive COVID tests jumped to 379 a day, with a 12.8% person-to-person 7-day average positivity rate.

While case numbers and positivity rates have increased, sewage monitoring in Utah is showing improvement.

Only one area in the entire state showed signs of increased SARS-COV-2 trends, with the majority of the state either decreasing or present, but no trend.


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