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One dead after snow-related construction collapse



On Monday, a heavy snow load caused a construction project in Providence to collapse, killing a worker.

The Logan Fire Department said that the man was removing asbestos from a single-car attached garage in the 100 East block of 200 South when the building collapsed, trapping him inside.

Lt. Doyle Peck of the Cache County Sheriff’s Office said that his office was first told around 2:45 p.m. that someone had fallen off a roof. First responders didn’t know the man was in the garage until they got there.

Crews tried to get to the man in time to save him, but they couldn’t. Peck said that he thinks the man died when the building fell down.

The sheriff’s office did not say what his name was, but they did say he was 52 years old.

During the rescue effort, there was a second collapse at the site, but no one was hurt, according to officials.

Fire officials said that the heavy snow and the building’s age were both to blame for the collapse. On Monday, a storm brought a lot of snow to the Logan area.

“The building is quite old and with age, and exposure to the elements, wood becomes weak, so we believe [the collapse] is a combination of both of those things,” said Peck.

The house is currently empty, and work crews are doing repairs on the building.


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