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Tech companies request a judge to overturn a Utah social media legislation



Salt Lake City, Utah – A group of tech businesses is requesting that a judge halt the implementation of the most recent social media platform laws in Utah.

NetChoice detailed several issues with the most recent laws passed by the Utah State Legislature this year in an updated lawsuit that was filed in federal court.

“For the second time, Utah has enacted a law violating bedrock constitutional principles of free speech in attempting to regulate minors’ access to ‘social media,'” NetChoice attorneys wrote.

The tech companies, which include social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter), TikTok, Google (owner of YouTube), Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Threads, and Meta (owner of Instagram, Facebook, and Threads), claim that the most recent laws passed by the legislature are still unconstitutional and have an effect on the security and privacy of Utahns. Legislators did amend its social media rules in response to litigation involving demands for proof of age and limitations on advertising.

If social media platforms remove algorithms, turn off autoplay and other engagement features, and impose usage time limits, they can lessen their legal risk in civil lawsuits. Parental consent and age verification requirements still apply, and third parties may be used to verify age.
NetChoice claimed in a statement that it was insufficient.

“Regrettably, Utah’s government has chosen to double down on its misguided laws that thwart parents, undermine the state’s dynamic creator economy, jeopardize the data security of its citizens and violate their constitutional rights. Utahns—not the government—should be able to determine how they and their families use technology,” said Chris Marchese, Director of the NetChoice Litigation Center. “We look forward to seeing the State in court.”

NetChoice is requesting an injunction to stop Utah’s new law from taking effect from U.S. District Court Judge Ann Marie McIff Allen.


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