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Following a threat, a family is concerned about the absence of security measures at the local high school



Holladay, Utah – A dad of an Olympus High School student claims he has proof that the institution is not doing enough to safeguard his child. He released a video of himself on YouTube as he entered the school.

J.C. said that he entered the unlocked door to demonstrate his case.

“I could really have, you know, any sort of access that I wanted. And that’s just unacceptable to our family and really to any parents,” said J.C.

In the video, J.C. Without being stopped continued to go through the school. He claimed that up until he learned that a problematic youngster had threatened to shoot his daughter in the face, he believed his child’s school to be secure.

Ben Horsley, a spokesman for Granite School District, verified the youngster is currently in a secure location and that a worker has been assigned to J.C. in order to ensure safety. Olympus High School, according to the district, has two sets of doors that remain open all day with someone watching the doors, but that wasn’t the case when J.C. entered the school on foot. Horsley claimed that J.C. is not at fault. regretted what he did, but said that by demonstrating how to get over internal security systems, his action put the safety of the entire institution in jeopardy.

“He walked past a sign that indicated he needed to report in. We do have other security measures in place. Doors are generally monitored by adults during breaks and lunchtime. That didn’t happen in this particular case,” said Horsley.

Horsley said that 57 of the district’s primary schools have security entryways already installed, and they intend to eventually have this at all of the high schools, but doing so is expensive—costing more than $1 million each project.

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