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Gas prices continue to rise in Utah, despite national average dropping



Salt Lake City, Utah — People in Utah still feeling pain at the pump, despite gas prices nationwide dropping.

The average price of gas in the U.S. is $4.857 per gallon. According to data from AAA, in Utah, it’s $5.244 per gallon.

According to Alex Arona, last week when he filled up the tank in his truck, he paid $180.

“Something’s got to change,” said Arona. “Either we increase the supply and hopefully that’ll bring the prices down, or I don’t know, something’s got to be done. It’s just getting too expensive.”

Decreasing gas demand has been pushing prices to lower nationwide.

The Governor’s Office of Energy Development, as well as the DNR’s Division of Oil Gas and Mining, was not available to speak on the issue.


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