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Dozens of people gather at Utah Capitol to protest of the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan



Salt Lake City, Utah — Sunday dozens of people shared stories on Utah’s Capitol steps. The United Afghan American Coalition hosted a peaceful protest against Taliban rule in Afghanistan.

Ravina Ghani was born there but has been in American most of her life. She has heard stories of the Taliban from family members who have been victims. According to her, it is devastating to see what is happening in Afghanistan

“The Taliban are there to do terrorism. They are there to kill our people — the women, the children, the old, it doesn’t matter where you are from there, they will kill you,” Ghani said.

Soina Rahimi also shared her concerns over what’s happening in Afghanistan.

“My dad was killed because of the Taliban. My mom was pregnant 8 months when my father passed away. They killed my father in front of my mom,” she said.

According to Rahimi, she still has family and friends in Afghanistan.

“Right now, every day they are calling me, they are texting me, they are saying, ‘Please help me, please do something so we can come to America.’ What am I supposed to do?” she said.

Advocates urged everyone to put pressure on congressional leaders to help expedite passports and help get Afghan people safely to America and to stand by them.