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Why Utah might have rumblings for the next five months



Salt Lake City, Utah – Do not jump to the conclusion that an earthquake is rumbling through Utah just because you sense a minor shaking or vibration near the Wasatch Front over the next few months.

During September, Hill Air Force Base will initiate “large detonations” at the Utah Test and Training Range, which is located in the West Desert.

It has been reported by officials that during the detonations, more than 10,000 pounds of net explosive weight will be used to destroy rocket motors that are either obsolete or old and belonging to the Department of Defense.

This is not the first time that UTTR has destroyed motors of this kind. Since 2012, the state of Utah has been the site of more than 300 explosions.

Even though teams take every measure to help guarantee that the people of Utah have as little disruption as possible, there are times when readings are not quite precise, and there are reports of mild vibrations, shaking, and noise.

“Before each operation at the UTTR, the Air Force takes atmospheric readings to check wind speed and direction and other weather factors,” a release reads in part. “This data is entered into a sound prediction model to determine if conditions are acceptable for a detonation. If the model predicts that sound is going to be louder than permitted levels at locations along the Wasatch Front, the detonations are delayed.”

The fact that the UTTR is situated in Utah’s West Desert, around 80 miles west of Salt Lake City, just serves to highlight the sheer size of these explosions.

Officials stated that explosion is the most effective method of eliminating massive rocket engines, and the Utah facility is the only location in the nation to do it, despite potential noise and shaking.

Through September, officials anticipate one or two scheduled detonations every week, but they are still open to changes due to inclement weather, heavy workloads, and other unforeseen circumstances.

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