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Utah woman extremely busy this Cinco de Mayo



West Valley City, Utah — The Salsa Queen has been producing salsa with fresh ingredients and no preservatives for eight years right here in Utah.

The mom of seven created all of the recipes. In 2014 she began selling her products at local farmer’s markets, and later have grown into a full-scale salsa factory in West Valley City that ships products to stores across Utah and the country.

According to her, she started the business to provide for her family and with dedication, it has grown into what it is today. “You have to work hard,” she said. “You have to work hard. A lot of people expect to be served on a golden platter, but you have to build the platter. Then you can eat from that. But it takes a lot of work.”

She recently had her name legally changed to “Salsa Queen,” and hopes her story inspires other women to empower themselves and reach for their dreams.

“We came to this country. We were illegal. We didn’t speak the language,” she said. “Now I have a business. This is a land of opportunity. This is a land of dreams. I feel like if you are not successful, it’s because you don’t want to. Everything is here. You have help and resources. You have everything. America we love you.”


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