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University of Utah hosts a communal Ramadan celebration for students who are not at home



Salt Lake City, Utah – Muslims throughout the world observe Ramadan, a holy month during which they spend much of their time together breaking fasts.

However, being alone can be lonely for students who are distant from home. For this reason, the University of Utah’s Muslim Students Association organizes a community iftar to unite people and help them find a place where they belong.

“It doesn’t feel that different from home. The Muslim community tries to replicate what is happening in other communities,” said Muwaffaq Usman Adam, a student at the University of Utah from Ghana.

He attended the meal and prayer event held on campus by the University of Utah.

“You get to make new friends, you network, you get to know different perspectives, different cultures, it’s really wonderful,” he said.

Ramadan is a time for discipline and personal development for many. “To be honest, Ramadan is a time to reflect more on myself and to build better habits,” said Leena Kergaye, president of the University of Utah’s Muslim Students Association.

Muslims around the world fast without food or drink from sunrise to sunset during Ramadan. It is a cornerstone of Islam. Student leaders aim to spread the message of Ramadan during the third annual community iftar event hosted by the Muslim Students Association.

“I think one thing that we are just trying to teach people about is how peaceful this religion can be, especially in Ramadan, there’s just a lot of serenity and calmness that comes with this month, it’s just very spiritual, and it’s a time for you to also reflect on your own things,” added Kergaye.

Everybody is appreciative of having a community to spend the evening with.

“Ramadan is also a month of sharing. You share your food, you get the blessings of the fasting of the other person,” said Adam.

You can contribute to MSA’s programming and find out more about the organization here.


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