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Transit will be redesigned and expanded by UTA by the potential 2034 Olympics



Salt Lake City, Utah – Utah is prepared to change the world once more.

According to the Utah Transit Authority, the state transportation system will be greatly expanded and redesigned in time for the potential Salt Lake City Olympic Games in 2034.

“This investment is for Utah,” said UTA executive director Jay Fox.

The University of Utah will be connected to the airport by the new Orange Line of the TRAX by 2034. To the airport, the Blue Line will also extend its entirety. On the FrontRunner, forty brand-new, completely accessible light rail vehicles will replace the outdated ones.

“This transportation system goes well beyond the Olympics,” said Fox. “We’re going to be riding a 15-minute frequency, 80-mile commuter railroad that will ultimately extend north up to Brigham City and south down to Payson.”

They talked about sharing operators and mechanics with Los Angeles so that both cities have well-staffed transit during the discussion with IOC officials on a TRAX train.

“2034 for us is not about success for the region,” he said. “Of course, we want that. We want our region to be as successful as possible. But it’s about success for the Olympics, and so for us, that begins in ‘28. It begins in supporting our country in the Summer Olympics.”

Fox stated that even while it is highly likely that Utah will get the right to bid for the 2034 Olympics, all of these future transit plans will still go ahead even in the unlikely event that it does not.

“We return on our operating capital $5.11 on every dollar invested,” he said. “Transit is not a cost. It is an investment.”


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