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To honor Santaquin Police Sgt. Bill Hooser, the United States Honor Flag comes to Utah



Salt Lake City, Utah – The United States Honor Flag, which will be erected next to deceased Santaquin Police Sgt. Bill Hooser, arrived at the Salt Lake City International Airport on Saturday afternoon.

Hooser passed away on Sunday, May 5, while performing his job.

The United States Honor Flag was founded by Chris Heisler, who personally escorted the flag to Salt Lake City, locked in a black container. After that, it was brought to Santaquin, where an honor guard unveiled it and set it on a podium close to Hooser’s coffin.

According to Heisler, the flag’s past is tied to military duty. It took to the skies both on the last Space Shuttle mission, STS-135 Atlantis, and during the Ground Zero recovery operations.

“Since 9/11, the same flag has honored over a thousand police officers, firefighters, those killed in the military,” Heisler said. “We make a commitment to the families that, you know, after 9/11, it was we’ll never forget.”

The flag has previously visited Utah multiple times. It was played during the officer Doug Barney, officer Cody Brotherson, and officer Nathan Lyday’s funerals in 2016 and 2020, respectively.

“So in (in the family’s) darkest hour, if you can bring some type of brief healing that their loved one will never be forgotten that’s what we do.” Heisler said.

A fresh pair of personalized gloves carried the flag each time it moved, and everyone saluted. Throughout Hooser’s funeral service, the flag will go wherever his casket goes.
Provo Police Department officer Jacen Harker was the first to salute and hold the flag. Hooser’s family will receive the gloves he wore and the gloves the other honor guards will wear.

“I think specifically for this family, we feel for your loss. And we’re here to honor your husband, your father. He’s not going to be forgotten,” Heisler said.

The US Honor Flag is run entirely by volunteers. Click here to contribute to their ongoing efforts to assist additional families.


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