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The Jewish community in the area responds to a potential Iranian invasion on Israel



Salt Lake City, Utah – Following an airstrike on an embassy compound in Damascus, the capital of Syria, Iran has pledged to exact revenge on Israel.

Three military generals were among the seven people murdered in that airstrike.

CNN reports that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared he will call a war cabinet meeting to address Israel’s preparedness for an Iranian counterattack.

The Pentagon declared that more US military equipment will be stationed in the Middle East.

“We are devoted to the defense of Israel, we will support Israel, we will defend, help defend Israel and Iran will not succeed,” said President Joe Biden, when asked about the ongoing tensions between the two Middle East nations.

Amos Guiora teaches at the University of Utah’s S.J. Quinney College of Law. In addition, he served as an Israel Defense Forces Lieutenant Colonel until retiring.

“I think that the attack on Iran, while arguably sending quote unquote, you know, the proverbial message whether to Iran directly and Hezbollah indirectly struck me as an unnecessary overstep,” on Friday, Guiora said about Israel’s attack on the Iranian embassy.

Guiora is not giving Iran’s threat of retaliation against Israel much weight as she prepares to travel to Israel on Friday.

“I think the Iranian regime is, is a, is actually a highly rational regime that is not interested in war with Israel,” said Guiora. “I don’t think anybody’s interested in a broader Middle East conflict than what we have right now.”

Some in the Jewish community, though, have different opinions.

“The feeling is that Iran will do something, they’ve been waiting to do something,” said Ron Zamir, Vice President of Community Relations for the United Jewish Federation of Utah.

Zamir adds he’s going to Israel the following week as well.

“At the end of the day, this is about Iran trying to exert its influence in the Middle East Hezbollah Hamas, they wouldn’t have launched their war without Iran munitions,” said Zamir.

Zamir stated on Friday that he believed the administrations of the United States and Israel had made it plain that they would work together to stop any further escalation by Iran.

“The Iranians have a history of, of making all kinds of threats that directed at Israel, but I’ve never done anything other than through proxies,” said Guiora.

This occurs shortly after Israel’s conflict with Hamas entered its sixth month earlier this week.


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