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Student protests against an anti-trans speaker at the University of Utah



Salt Lake City, Utah – Some students were excited when political writer Michael Knowles appeared at the University of Utah’s College of Social Work on Monday night, while others were incensed.

Knowles has publicly called for the “Eradication” of “transgenderism.” His appearance Monday night was titled “No child is in the wrong body.”

Another group of students organized to protest the topics Knowles would be speaking about, while a lengthy line of students wound around the building, impatiently awaiting admittance.

“I was interested in the dialect and seeing, like, what the extremes kind of were,” said Alex Wendel. “I wanted to see what he had to say.”

“Anti-trans and anti-queer rhetoric is not welcome on our campus,” said Ellie Estrada. “Our campus is not a home for this kind of rhetoric.”

Knowles was invited to speak by the University’s “Young Americans for Freedom” organization; the University did not organize the event.

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