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Snowbasin Resort opens this weekend



Huntsville, Utah — Snowbasin is putting the finishing touches on before opening day, but they’re crossing their fingers for more snow.

“You need good temps so anything below 28 degrees and good humidity to help produce great snow. When those variables are not there, it makes it really hard to make snow so, we’re all really excited to get open for the winter,” said Davy Ratchford, General Manager of Snowbasin.

Across the resort, there are 270 snow-making machines on standby, ready for those temperatures to drop, so they can start pumping out snow.

Once the machines start making that snow, it’s a great addition to the natural snow and once it’s made, it’s not going anywhere.

“It’s very sustainable, so the snow you produce on the mountain, stays on the mountain and goes back into the river and streams. Ultimately, it always ends up great, so I’d ask everybody to be patient with every ski resort in Utah right now, some are opening, some have been open for a bit, but the snow is coming, the temperatures are coming, and there’s more skiing to be had,” said Ratchford.

This weekend Snowbasin opens but will be limited to season pass holders.


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