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Salt Lake City police celebrate department’s 173rd birthday



Salt Lake City, Utah – On Sunday, March 10, Salt Lake City police officers will commemorate the department’s 173rd birthday.

The organization was founded in 1851 with fewer than fifty members. Over 700 officers make up the department today, and they all work hard to serve the community.

Three historical periods have dominated the long history of SLCPD: the Liberal Regime, the Mormon Department, and the Non-Partisan Force.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was a major player in the department for the first 39 years of its existence, from 1851 to 1890, according to the agency’s website.

The community started to diversify by 1890, at which point a Liberal Regime was implemented. Within the agency, this period is recalled as turbulent. “All Mormon police would be sacked and new officers hired if a mayor was elected who practiced a religion other than that of the LDS Church. Officials said, “If an LDS mayor were elected to office, then vice versa.

When citizens started to rebel against political influence in the agency’s labor delegation in 1894, the department’s status was once again changed. Thus, the Non-Partisan Force of today was established.

Officers noted that “one thing has remained the same—our dedication to help keep our great city safe” as they reflected on the previous 173 years.


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