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Man arrested after assaulting woman in South Salt Lake



South Salt Lake City, Utah — After he allegedly assaulted a woman over how she parked in a South Salt Lake apartment complex, a man was arrested on multiple charges.

According to police, Brandon Jay Barber, 38, was angry when the victim parked behind her mother-in-law’s vehicle Friday while dropping off her daughter at the complex at 292 East New Century Lane.

Barber began “yelling at her for how she was parked,” despite there being space for other vehicles to pass, the victim told police. Barber then allegedly started hitting the victim’s window and forced it down, allowing him to hit the woman with an open hand to the face.

According to police, the woman was able to drive away from Barber, but because there was only one way out of the complex, she needed to turn around and drive back to where he was standing. Barber stood in front of the woman’s car and jumped onto the hood.

Barber struck the driver’s side mirror before she drove away and called the police, according to the woman.

Officers found Barber’s hand marks on the car’s window and observed a damaged driver’s side mirror.

According to officers, when they went to confront Barber at his apartment and detain him, he pushed them away and attempted to run from the area.

Barber was arrested and faces charges of assault, criminal mischief, interference with an arresting officer, and unlawful detention.


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