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Kids flu cases in hospitals rising



Salt Lake City, Utah — According to Intermountain Healthcare, on Friday children hospitalized with the flu has nearly tripled in the last couple of weeks.

Intermountain reported 43 cases in all of its hospitals two weeks ago, which jumped to 125 cases last week.

Dr. Trahern Jones with Primary Children’s Hospital had sobering words about the flu and COVID-19.

“If our immuno-compromised individuals are dealing with catching COVID as well as the flu at the same time, it could be a deadly combination,“ he said. “That’s something we don’t want to have to see in kids who we’re trying to take care of and trying to protect.“

According to Intermountain, not as many kids are vaccinated compared to last year. There is concern over RSV, the respiratory condition that can afflict children.

There is also concern that more patients may put a strain on supplies, including masks, oxygen tanks, and protective equipment.


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