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Jazz fans surprised, hopeful with news of team sale



SALT LAKE CITY, Utah  – On Wednesday, Jazz fans reacted to news that the team’s majority stake would be sold to Qualtrics co-founder Ryan Smith.

“I like that they’re staying in Utah, I feel like that was in the contract when they sold it. So that’s good. As long as they stay here, I’m excited to see what’s going to happen in the future,” said Jazz fan Skyler Hall.

“I mean I’m not surprised, but I mean as long as they stay here I think that’s my biggest priority. And I hope that they keep Rudy Gobert here. I think he’s amazing,” said Cloud.

Some Jazz fans expressed sadness at the end of an era, given all that the Miller family did to grow the Jazz into the team and institution that exists today.

“I think that Gail Miller’s just been wonderful for the Jazz and for the city. She’s a great person,” said Wallie Rasmussen.

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