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Gorilla in Hogle Zoo expecting a new little bundle of joy



Salt Lake City, Utah – The announcement that a lowland gorilla at Hogle Zoo is expecting a kid will make for a really fascinating baby shower over the coming months.

Pele, a western lowland gorilla, is estimated to be six months pregnant and due in June or July, the zoo said on Friday.

Pele arrived at Hogle Zoo in 2022 from Busch Gardens in Tampa with her mother, following the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ breeding recommendation.

Pele was matched with Husani, a current Hogle Zoo resident, once he arrived in Utah to see if the proverbial sparks would fly in the hopes of starting a population that could support itself.

The zoo stated that over the previous 20–25 years, the number of western lowland gorillas has decreased by more than 60% due to poaching and sickness.

According to the zoo, Pele will continue to be observed by health and animal care teams during her pregnancy.


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