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Gas prices drop helps with travel numbers



Utah – According to AAA, this could be the busiest travel weekend since the start of the pandemic and gas prices could play a role.

AAA estimates that roughly 80% of people behind the wheel found relief at the pump.

The national average price for gas dropped just below $4 a gallon.

In Utah, it’s $4.38 a gallon, which is about $0.50 higher than a year ago. That being said, people at the pump and airport agreed any improvement can make a difference.

“With the dropping gas prices, it brings a little bit more excitement.. hope… maybe something else in the future is going to make some difference,” said driver David Johnson.

Tuesday is expected to be a big travel day in the sky.

Salt Lake City International Airport expects at least 25,000 people to go through the airport tomorrow, which is about 2,000 more than last year’s holiday.


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