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Flight delays continue at SLC airport



Salt Lake City, Utah — There have been lots of long lines at the airport Tuesday.

According to the latest information, 80 flights were delayed and more than 30 flights were canceled out of the Salt Lake airport as of 11:00 a.m. Tuesday.

“We found out our flight was being delayed,” Carlette Lovell said. “And then, of course, to catch our connecting flight, we missed it by about four or five hours so we spent the night here and lovely Salt Lake City! And now we’re just trying to get back to Arizona.”

But they’re taking it all in stride.

“I Look around and I see people traveling with babies, I see people that have been waiting all day,” Lovell said. “I’ve seen three people sitting in our area of the Seattle airport last night, cancer patients and they had a smile on their face, and they weren’t complaining. So it just puts things in perspective I think.”

The flights’ cancelation may persist for the next few days and maybe even into the New Year’s weekend.

If you are planning on flying out of here or have loved ones flying in, be warned and be prepared.

“You know, things happen, it is what it is and, like she said, we’ve seen worse, a lot of people are in more dire situations than we are here,” said Randy Lovell. “So, you just gotta take it as it comes and roll with it.”


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