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Due to staffing shortages, DABC cuts a liquor store’s hours



Salt Lake City, Utah — In order to deal with a staffing shortage, Utah’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control is having to cut some liquor store hours temporarily.

On Friday DABC confirmed that it had reduced the Pleasant Grove liquor store’s hours, closing it at 7 pm.

According to DABC spokesperson Michelle Schmitt, the reduced hours would last until Monday.

The DABC has started to deploy a team of roving employees to various stores on an “on-call” basis in order to alleviate labor shortages and employees who may be exposed to COVID-19 and have to isolate (and liquor stores are disinfected), Schmitt said. If hours are reduced, a sign will be posted on the liquor store doors.

The agency has had to repeatedly ask the Utah State Legislature to increase wages for store employees, in order to compete in a tight labor market. Liquor stores recently have also been facing supply chain issues, with the DABC having to limit the sale of some tequilas and warning of champagne shortages for the holidays.


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