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Dad responds after his son’s remains, missing for more than two years, are discovered in Utah



Grand County, Utah – The remains of Timothy “Jordan” Boone, who vanished inexplicably in the Moab area in 2021, were found this past weekend.

“There’s so much grief that we feel, but it does bring closure,” said his father, Tim Boone.

According to Tim, Jordan grew up in his American Fork neighborhood as the “ringleader of fun” and the eldest of four children.

“He was a wave breaker,” explained Tim. “Imagine there’s an ocean that is calm but still… he was the drop that started the wave of fun and happiness and adventure in our neighborhood.”

Jordan gained notoriety at the age of eleven for creating a five-story tree home that all the neighborhood children could play in.

“I was in the construction business during this period, and when I would pull up with a load of plywood, a couple of them would disappear, and all of a sudden it became the tree house,” said Tim. “He loved to use his hands, he loved to build.”

The singer, actor, and filmmaker grew up to become an uncle and father and cherished the outdoors and his dogs.

“There’s no words to describe the love that he had for his child,” Tim said. “His daughter and his nieces and nephews… he would show up, their eyes would just light up because they knew they were in for a good time.”

In the end, Tim said that Jordan’s life was tragically cut short by a mental health battle.

“The mental illness was the thing that took him,” said Tim. “It led him to the place where he ended up, and you know, it’s tough.”

Even while the news is heartbreaking, he said it’s an opportunity to consider the happiness Jordan gave to both his and other people’s lives.

“We will as a family get together and remember him. We will take care of his remains. And then after that, we will have a life celebration in the American Fork community. We’ll find a place and we’ll invite all the people that do love him, which are so many,” said Tim. “He is a gentle loving soul.”


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