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“Cooling zones” in Salt Lake County are now open to assist locals in escaping the heat



Salt Lake City, Utah – The Salt Lake City Public Library offers more than just books. The county has classified it as a “Cooling Zone” where people can go to get away from the heat.

“People are welcome to come in anytime that we’re open, spend as much time as they’d like here, cool off, and celebrate our AC,” explained Quinn McQueen, the library’s director of marketing and communications.

“We love going to the library,” said Mercy Paih, who lives in Bluffdale. “We’ve been going to the library since the kids were young.”

Paih and her family come by virtually every week with young children who enjoy exploring and selecting out books.

“It’s really nice. It’s like an escape from outside where we can come here, and it’s much quieter than other places you can go to,” she said.

Everyone is welcome to use the library during regular business hours. If someone is in need, they can also obtain numerous resources and fill their water bottle.

“I know there are some people for who the library may be the only escape they have. So I think it’s very important to have stuff like this,” added Paih.

Additionally, a safety team is stationed on the premises and is alert for any signs of illness.

“We see a lot of people come in and if it’s heat exhaustion, or with the heat, a lot of profuse sweating, paleness of the skin, or general feeling on being unwell,” said Ethan Borg, a safety associate and EMT at the library.

They can assist prior to or in place of a 911 call.

“It gives me a sense of purpose of being able to have the knowledge of if someone is in trouble, how I can best help them,” added Borg.

Thus, the library might be a location to go the next time you’re seeking for a place to unwind.


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