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Charla Derr

Part-time writer

Charla is a Utah Valley University student studying Public Relations and Strategic Communication. She is a part-time writer for MDMH West Valley putting a lot of effort into delivering valuable content. She is part of the team for more than a year.

Stories By Charla Derr


Local News19 hours ago

Retired Secret Service member from Utah discusses the incident that occurred at a Trump rally

Salt Lake City, Utah – After members of the Secret Service escorted former President Donald Trump off the stage after...

Local News2 days ago

Beloved Logan gift store to close

Logan, Utah — There will be repercussions for people all over the world as a result of the closure of...

Local News3 days ago

As temperatures in Salt Lake City reach into the triple digits, doctors advise avoiding exercising

Salt Lake City, Utah – Doctors were warning that signs of heat-related illnesses and heat stroke might appear in minutes...

Local News4 days ago

After trying to break an unusual kind of record, a man from Utah opens a record store

Salt Lake City, Utah – David Sherwood first began selling vinyl records at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic when...

Local News5 days ago

The Salt Lake City Council approves the downtown revitalization plans

Salt Lake City, Utah – The Salt Lake City Council overwhelmingly approved the plans to revitalize Salt Lake City’s downtown...

Local News6 days ago

Bear Lake may be suffering from invasive, harmful plants

Garden City, Utah – It’s one of Utah’s most well-known and purest lakes, yet invasive plants are threatening its purity....

Local News7 days ago

The $1 billion Utah prison is not providing the programs that were promised

Salt Lake City, Utah – Franklin Carroll must enroll in sex offender treatment programs if he hopes to be released...

Local News1 week ago

Many pet deaths have been recorded in the Avenues district of Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, Utah – The public is being cautioned by Salt Lake County Animal Services following many complaints of...

Local News1 week ago

15-year-old girl last seen in South Salt Lake

South Salt Lake City, Utah – The South Salt Lake Police Department has reported that a girl who is 15...

Local News1 week ago

US Forest Service halts logging in Utah national forest

Salt Lake City, Utah – The Ashley National Forest in Utah is home to 147,000 acres of trees whose logging...