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An organization from Weber State University protests during the yearly Sexual Assault Awareness event



Ogden, Utah – Since April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, local organizations are coming together to change the situation.

Every year, the Women’s Center at Weber State University organizes Take Back the Night, a campaign to increase public awareness of concerns related to safety.

“Survivors have wanted a space and wanted community, so I think what’s beautiful about events like these is it shows that survivor that they’re not alone,” said Jessica Pleyel, Women’s Center Director and Victim Survivor Advocate, Weber State University.

There were t-shirts with consent reminders and encouraging posters on the walls of the event space.

“Sexual assault in our community is a huge issue, we know that one in nine Utahns have experienced some form of sexual abuse. And we know that our state average is higher than the national average,” added Pleyel.

Keeley Fadden is a Weber State University student. “I brought my nieces along because I firmly believe that LGBTQ and women’s rights are equally important,” Fadden continued.

Keeley marched down Ogden’s 25th Street with the group, waving placards and chanting, accompanied by her nieces Alexandria and Cam.

“It felt amazing, liberating, empowering, to hear more people’s stories and what they went through, to hear us all yelling together, that was really cool.”

Speakers kicked off the event at The Monarch, and the space was stocked with resources to assist those in need. Survivors were allowed to tell their stories at the conclusion.

“When someone shares their story with you, you might be the very first person they’ve told, and if ask them, well what were you wearing, or what were you doing that caused that, they might never tell anyone else or get the help they need, so we start by believing,” said Pleyel.


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