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An assisted living facility in Holladay is paying tribute to veterans in advance of Memorial Day



Holladay, Utah – At The Ridge Assisted Living Center in Holladay, there are many veterans, so one staff member thought it was vital to give them recognition for their service.

“We have at least 26 veterans,” one of the staff said.

During a ceremony held in the institution, each veteran received a diploma for their service as well as an American flag pin.

Christi Gulbransen, the activities director of the living facility, organized the ceremony. On one of the walls are some of their pictures.

Veterinarian Cubby Caputo gestured to his photo.

“We used to carry a comb in our back pocket. We had wavy hair, we would comb it constantly. Then I got in there, they put me in a barber chair and cut it all off,” Caputo said.

Age cannot take away the memories these warriors have, not even after all this time. Peter Arenskov, a former fighter pilot, took off from the USS Midway.

“It’s a two seater. The pilot is up in the front seat, and the RIO — radio intercept officer — is in the back seat,” he said.

The 104-year-old Brent Wall made a joke about how much of a ceremony there was.

“Well, I think they’ve gone overboard, overdoing the deal. But no! We appreciate it, it’s great of them. It only happens once in a lifetime,” he said.

During his service, a resident aboard the USS Forrestal came dangerously close to not returning home.

“The Forrestal ended up having nine 1,000 pound bombs explode. It almost turned over and sank — and if it turned over, I wouldn’t be here,” George said.

Gulbransen received $500 from Spencer Carver of Mountain America, who announced that a celebration will be held at the venue.

Mountain America Credit Union gave The Ridge a $500 donation so they may keep giving back.

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